Nothing to live for

Phyllis began by telling about her varied past. She had two children, eight and four, was attending college, working and dancing at bars. She had sexual experiences with a number of men. Because of coming from a “not too loving” family, she was looking for someone to love her.

She also was dabbling in the occult, palm reading, psychicism, and astrology. She had no idea that her powers were given her by the devil nor that his ultimate goal was to destroy her and kill her.

The crisis for Phyllis came when three men at a party approached her. These strangers wanted her to go upstairs and have sex. She left the house in a headlong rush.

She was crying and had gotten lost. As she was driving she heard the song “Is That All There Is?” Satan started to put the idea in her head that it just wasn’t worth living. She started believing the lies that he was giving her. “Why live? There’s nothing to live for!”

Phyllis had been in a car accident and she had a lot of different pain pills and sleeping pills, including Valium. She gathered them all together. It was a Sunday morning and she was searching on the radio for some music. She wasn’t in the mood for hymns or love songs.

Somebody loves you!

She happened on a program hosted by Wayne Pederson to him hear say, “Don’t do it. Somebody loves you!” She thought, “Yeah sure, somebody loves me!” However, she called the number and it was Love Lines.

The counselor talked to Phyllis about accepting Jesus as her Savior, to which she said, “But I go to church.” He told her this is about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so she prayed the Prayer of Salvation. He also prayed with her about renouncing all of the satanic activities in the occult.

He wanted her to do follow-up, but she said ” No!” In frustration, he invited her to a staff prayer meeting. The people there just wrapped their arms around her, which caused her to “cry for three weeks.” She had finally found love.

Two weeks after she became a Christian Phyllis felt herself being torn, one person on her left arm and another on her right and she was just being ripped apart. She just yelled, “Jesus!” and she heard God say, “Who are you going to serve? Are you going to serve Satan or are you going to serve me?”

She then took all of her occult books and her astrology stuff and all of her paraphernalia and had a bonfire. It was like a waterfall. Phyllis was flooded with the love and the peace of God.

Love and peace like a waterfall

God told me

After another staff prayer meeting Dan came out of his office and told her, “God told me you’re going to be a switchboard operator, routing incoming calls to counselors.” Being a new Christian Phyllis had her doubts, but as she fielded calls, she found God hooking her up with single parent type persons.

She would share what God had done in her life.