Mary Jane’s Healing

Mary Jane had a stroke in April of 2010 she had a blockage in her arteries, she had trouble walking because her scene of balance was damaged. Mary Jane depended on a walker to get around but would fall two or three times a week. Mary Jane also had problems with weakness, instability, and confusion. She came into the healing rooms for prayer and the Holy Spirit came in like a gentile wind pushing out all the bad stuff and leaving relief and peace inside. Mary Jane no longer uses a walker.

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Farnana’s Story

I went to the Healing rooms at Love Lines last year. Greg and Caroline prayed for me and my family. God answered the prayers. My sister-in-law was pregnant. The doctor told her that the baby would have Down Syndroun. After they prayed for my sister-in-law, she found out  that the baby didn’t have Down Syndroun.

For me : God provided the same amount of  money we prayed for.

Boa Healed

Bao came with Mai to Love Lines Healing room on Saturday evening. The Healing room

Team prayed for her. She got healed, her right arm, shoulder, and both legs and feet. She

left here full of joy and peace. She slept like she had never slept before. She can walk

without her walker.


Steve’s Story of Healing

This is a story of a healing that took place in my life, and I will never be the same again.  I was 47 years old, married, and working as an electrician.  Life was good!  I loved my job, my wife, and the Lord Jesus.  I was active in ministry at my church.  Little did I know that my life was about to be turned upside down and that I was about to lose everything.

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Peggy’s Story

Eight years ago Peggy’s husband of 21 years walked out on her. She was operating her own consulting firm in the field of racial and cultural diversity issues. The company had a clientele among companies in the area. Her husband was also serving as the president of her company.

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Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis began by telling about her varied past. She had two children, eight and four, was attending college, working and dancing at bars. She had sexual experiences with a number of men. Because of coming from a “not too loving” family, she was looking for someone to love her.

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To God be the GLORY

We recently had a lady come to the healing rooms, who was having a lot of pain in her body. Her muscles ached, her neck hurt, arms and legs hurt, she hurt all over. God reviled her problem was connected to her early childhood. She told us she was from Kenya, and there were many who hated their family, because they were Christians. We bound many spirits that the Lord showed us that were harassing her, and we cast them out. She was gloriously set free!  God loves us so much and desires His people to walk in the freedom Jesus our Lord accomplished for us.

Praise God!

A few months ago , my husband was prayed for by the Healing room staff. He hurt his back lifting a computer, the pain was a 9 on the scale of 1- 10which went to 1 immediately after prayer, and gradually went completely away. Praise God!


Irma came into Love Lines food give away in a wheel chair and walked out healed! Irma had many deliverance s.


Katherine came to our healing room before facing surgery and left here with a greater sense of strength and confidence in the Holy Spirit.

Other Testimonies