“I don’t know the story of Job, I’ve lived it.”

Eight years ago Peggy’s husband of 21 years walked out on her. She was operating her own consulting firm in the field of racial and cultural diversity issues. The company had a clientele among companies in the area. Her husband was also serving as the president of her company.

Her adult children had moved out of the area.

Her mother quit talking to her. Her father had committed suicide 25 years before. Peggy knew some things about her mother that her mother did not know she knew. In the intimacy of marriage Peggy had shared some of those things with her husband. After their separation he reported these confidences to her mother, causing the rift.

At this point Peggy had nothing. Her business was gone. Her husband estranged. Her children were living out of state. Her father was dead. Her mother was not talking to her. She had nothing. She had nowhere to turn. She considered suicide.

Nowhere to turn

Peggy was a family therapist and pastor. She was always the helper. Now she needed help from someone. Because of the public nature of her ministry, she was well-known in her community. She was too ashamed to tell her story. Because of caller ID she knew of no one to call and still keep her story private.

She was having a mental attack from the enemy‚Ķ”You couldn’t hold on to your family. What’s wrong with you?” She was besieged with anxiety and doubt and guilt. “The enemy comes at night …”

She said, “God, you have to help me!”

“The enemy comes at night, mercy comes every morning.” At 3 A.M. Peggy called Love Lines.

The counselor asked all the right questions. (She knew this from her practice as a family therapist.) The counselor helped her come down from fear and anxiety. She had less anxiety and the healing process started. The healing process took place over a year’s time.

Peggy is now reconciled with her mother. She is immersed in her profession again. She has shared her testimony at the Love Lines Banquet and on the Love Lines cable TV program.

Mercy comes with the morning