An elderly man came in with multiple needs:  deafness in one ear, blindness in one eye, a weak heart which caused pain and fatigue, and had considerable difficulty walking.  He came to the Healing Rooms one Saturday and received ministry and comfort but no substantial manifestation of healing.  His wife urged him to return the following Saturday but he was reluctant and didn’t think it was worth the trouble.  His wife persisted and they prayed about it.  He heard the Lord tell him to go back and see “Rod”.  The Lord also told him that the doors would be locked but do not leave.  By accident, the doors to the Healing Room were not unlocked at the normal opening time that day.  He did wait and after a brief delay he came in walking with great difficulty.  Each area of need was ministered to and he received healing in each.  He could hear in his formerly deaf ear, see in the eye that had been blind, had no more chest pain, and he could stand on one foot.  The man was given help to receive the healing that was already his in Christ Jesus through the expectant faith of the Healing Rooms team led by Rod.

Lisa-healed of pelvic pain that radiated up her back. The pain was so bad that she couldn’t work.

Gary-healed of back and neck pain.

Mark-healed from burning pain that went from his shoulders to his legs.

Ed-healed from pain in his shoulder and knees and weakness in his legs.

Pam-healed from pain in her right shoulder.

Betty-healed from chronic dry eyes and lack of saliva due to auto-immune disease.

Sandy-healed from sinus headaches and shoulder pain.

Debbie-headed from periodontal disease.

Brenda-healed from back pain.

Dale– healing from pain in his hips.

Frank- back pain gone.

Gail-healed of pain in the fingers.

Joyce-healed of back pain.

Lisa– healed of Diabetes, her knee was healed, and healed of arthritis. Praise God!

Jena– had her contact ripped from her eye, her eye was healed and she was healed of diabetes.

Janet– had pain in her knee, had prayer and more prayer, went to the doctor and prayed for again

and her tendons in her knee were healed.

Gail- had ringing in the ears, The ringing stopped.

Carolyn- had knee replaced and still had a lot of pain came to healing rooms and now can lift

her knee and cross them pain free. She can now be on her knees to pray!

Bonnie– reported that she felt lighter and believed she experienced a deliverance through our prayers.

She’s also trusting God for healing of nasal issues and felt encouraged regarding victory over smoking!

Sarah– received relief from pain in thumb joints, after prayer there is no pain!