Mary Jane had a stroke in April of 2010 she had a blockage in her arteries, she had trouble walking because her scene of balance was damaged. Mary Jane depended on a walker to get around but would fall two or three times a week. Much prayer for healing was said by many for her healing. Mary Jane is a volunteer at Love Lines and came in as a replacement on someone else shift in late November. Larry asked for prayer for Mary Jane, Larry , Larrie, and Roam laid hands on the back of her head and as they prayed heat flowed through Mary Jane’s head and neck. After the prayer Mary Jane has not used the walker scene and she has not fallen. Praise God!

Mary Jane came into the healing rooms inĀ  2011 with allergies that were like a heavy weight on her chest after prayer the weight was lifted and was able to breathe normally, with no more stuffiness in her head.